Research Projects


Legal Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Health Disparities

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    Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic: Disparities by immigration status and ethnicity.
    Preventive Medicine 164, 107268.
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Digital Health Interventions

  • Aguilera, A., Hernandez-Ramos, R., Haro-Ramos, A.Y., Boone, C.E., Luo, T.C., Xu, J., Chakraborty, B., Karr, C., Darrow, S., Figueroa, C.A., 2021. A Text Messaging Intervention (StayWell at Home) to Counteract Depression and Anxiety During COVID-19 Social Distancing: Pre-Post Study. JMIR Mental Health 8, e25298.
  • Haro-Ramos, A., Rodriguez, H.P., Aguilera, A., 2022. Effectiveness and Implementation of a Text Messaging Intervention to Reduce Depression and Anxiety Symptoms Among Latinx and White Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Iproceedings 8, e39309.

Non-Peer Review (Policy Briefs and Reports)

  • Haro, A.Y., Chavarin-Rivas, J, Pattabhiraman, P. Protecting California’s Essential Workforce During the COVID-19 Emergency. Berkeley, Calif.: California Initiative for Health Equity & Action. 2020.
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